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On this page we are now offering lots of special rare stamps (S)

(Price range over R500) New item will be uploaded regularly - Please check!


They are listed below in the following 8 main- and several sub-categories:



S-1.100: Cape of Good Hope

S-1.105 - CAPE OF GOPD HOPE, 3 Officials 1d, 4d, 6d, SACC 66, 70, 71, fine used, R1500.00


S-1.118 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 1901, Reg. cover to Alival North, 1x1d, 1x4d, fine used, R450.00

S-1.119 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 1910, Reg. cover to Holland, franked 2 1/2 d, fine used, R750.00

S-1.120 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE ca 1884, wrapper to Manchester, England, 2x1d, 1xhalf d + imprint, R580.00

S-1.143 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, small Boer War cover of 1900 to Lyon/France, with cecsor mark, R650.00

S-1.144 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Registered cover to Amsterdam of 1892, attractive franking with 5 stamps of the Hope rectangular series with BONC cancellation of Kimberley, R880.00

S-1.145 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Registered cover of 1897 to Denmark with attractive franking of 7 stamps, R1200.00

S-1.146, 147, 148 149 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, 4 classic covers 1880 - 1900, interesting lot at only R480.00

S-1.150, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Registered cover of 1888 to Johannesburg, R590.00

S-1.151, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Mourning letter of 1880 from Paarl to Tarkastad with SACC 30, R980.00

S-1.152, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Registered letter from Cape Town to Neustadt/Germany, attractive franking with nine stamps front and rear, R980.00

S-1.154, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Registered letter of 1895 from Port Elizabeth to Bloenfontein, R580.00

S-1.155, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Early stampless entire letter of 1851 from Cape Town to Lyon/France, R1600.00

S-1.156, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Early stampless entire letter of 1846 from Cape Town to Lyon/France, R2200.00

S-1.158 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE 1853-1902, Basic collection with 4 triangles and several better stamps & sets on 2 large stock cards, R1800.00



S-1.162 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, SGO15 of 1905, 1 Sh fine used strip of 3 on piece with BONC 1317, very rare item, Certificate Eichele, R1900.00



S-1.164 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, 1861, SG13A, Woodblock 1 d carmine, used, small margins, minor faults, certificate Eichele, R19800


S-1.165 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, 1861, SG14a, Woodblock 4d pale grey-blue, used, small to very small margins, slightly cut into at bottom right, Certificate Eichele and expertised Engel, R8100



S-1.200: Natal


S-1.207 - NATAL 1875, SACC 78, 1d overprinted, used, R450.00


S-1.209 - NATAL 1908, SACC 143, 5sh, yellow paper, fine used, R350.00

S-1.210 - NATAL, 1901, Registered Cover to USA, 1d + 3d QV series fine used, good condition, R650.00

S-1.211 - NATAL, 1902, Registered cover to Amsterdam, 1xhalf d, 1x1d, 3x2d + 5d imprint, fine used, R950.00

S-1.212 - NATAL, 1909, Registered cover to USA, 1 x 2 1/2d KE, 4d imprint, fine used, R650.00

S-1-236 - NATAL - Registered mourning cover of 1899 with censor mark and 5 x 1d no 95, R1800.00

S-1.237 - NATAL - Mourning cover of 1879 with SACC no 82 to Bath/England, attractive, R1200.00



S-1.300: OFS / ORC

S-1.317 - ORANGE FREE STATE 1900, reg. cover to England, 2x 1/2d, 2x2d, 2x 1/2 d, very fine used, R490.00

S-1.338 - ORANGE RIVER COLONY, registered answer card of 1913 with interesting franking to Bohemia, R480.00


S-1.339 - ORANGE FREE STATE, set of 8 stamps of the 1900 issue (only 2 top values missing), f.u., R180.00

S-1.340 - ORANGE RIVER COLONY, set no 84 - 92 of 1903 in MH, (no 91 = space filler), R3100.00

S-1.360 - ORANGE FREE STATE/ORC 1868-1903, Basic used collection with better stamps + sets on stock card, R950.00



S-1.400: Transvaal


S-1.429 - TRANSVAAL 1883, SACC 177b, UNIT OF 7 stamps of which one tete-beche, fine used, certificate, R21000.00




S-1.414 - TRANSVAAL, 1902, SACC 250-261, SET OF 12, fine used, R2200.00


S-1.415 - TRANSVAAL, 1904-09, SACC 266-78, SET OF 13, fine used. R980.00


S-1.416 - TRANSVAAL, 1907, POSTAGE DUES, set of 7, fine used, R450.00

S-1.461 - TRANSVAAL, 1870S - 1905, Basic used collection with better stamps +sets and 2 large stock cards, R2700.00



S-1.500: UNION of South Africa


S-1.521 - UNION OF SA 1913, King's Heads, sacc 11-14, 4 stamps 1sh - 5sh, MH*, R1990.00

S-1.522 - UNION OF SA 1914, King's Heads, set of coils, mint*, R380.00

S-1.523 - UNION OF SA 1914, First set of Postage Dues 1914, SACC 1 - 7, mint*, R980.00

S-1.525 - UNION OF SA 1943, Postage Dues SACC 29-32, set of 4 units of 3, R490.00

S-1.526 - UNION OF SA 1927, London printing, SACC 38, 5sh pair, MH*, R3500.00


S-1.566 - Union of SA, 1d King's Head, bisected (rare!) on postcard from Mariannhill to Hillcrest/Natal on picture postcard with dumb cancellation, attractive exhibition piece, R12000.00


S-1-567 - Union of SA, "Minister Book" of 1954. Special limited edition, rare!, with all def. issues of 1954 of South Africa and SWA, plus commemorative issues, with compliments of the Postmaster General, R2800.00


S-1.569 - Union of SA, FDC of the Hugenot Commemoration issue of 1938, R300.00


S-1.570 - Union of SA, Cover of 1927 from Nylstroem to Denver/USA with 2 triangles, R300.00



S-1.600: REPUBLIC of South Africa


S-1.601, RSA 1976, SACC 401a, imperforated marginal pair **, extremely rare, R52000.00


S-1607, RSA 1977, SACC-unlisted rarity, pair 431, shifted printing. R3900.00


S-1.608, RSA 1977, SACC-unlisted rarity, pair partly imperforated, R3800.00


S-1.609, RSA 1987, SACC 638, "Bible Stamp" 40c, with lower margin, extremely rare, R12800.00



S-1.763 - BOPHUTHATSWANA, SACC no 4a, imperforated pair, (rare) R3600.00


S-1.764 - BOPHUTHATSWANA, SACC no 2c, imperforated pair, (rare) R2400.00


S-1.765 - BOPHUTHATSWANA, SACC no 9b, 5 cent omitted, (rare) R11200.00


S-1.766 - BOPHUTHATSWANA, SACC no 17a, strip of 3, top stamp imperforated at top, (rare) R3200.00


S-1.767 - TRANSKEI, SACC 93a, double print of buff colour (rare), R1200.00

S-1.768 - VENDA 1991, SACC 230A-233A, set of 4 test values, (rare, only 1 sheet printed) R9600.00





= BSAC, North & South Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Bechuanaland, Basutoland, Swaziland, + other


S-2.100: BSAC, North & South Rhodesia,


S-2.106, BSAC, SG159, 5 Sh, MNH**, R2100.00


S-2.107, BSAC, SG164, 10 Sh. MNH**, R6300.00


S--2.108, BSAC, SG166, £1, MNH**, R13800.00


S-2.109 - BSAC, selection of five "Double Heads" 1/2d - 1 Sh, used, R500.00









S-2.204 - SOUTHERN RHODESIA 1964, def. set of 14 in MNH, R550.00





S-2.310 - NYASALAND PROTECTORATE, KG V, SG 99, "SPECIMEN" of £10, R9200.00




S-2.406 - BECHUANALAND 1888, SACC 42, 4d on 4d, Protectorate overprint, fine used, R6900.00


S-2.402 - BECHUANALAND 1889, SACC 49, 4D ON 4D, Protectorate overprint, fine used, R700.00


S-2.403 - BECHUANALAND Postage Dues 1926, SACC 1 - 3, fine used, R3150.00


S-2.405 - BRIT. BECHUANALAND, "Sunset-Cover of 1938" (Last Day Cover) to Nylstroom, R800.00




S-2.501 - BASUTOLAND 1961, SACC NO 64 AND 64A ** error OP, R2950.00




S-2.601 Swaziland, 1968, independence issue set of 17, both high values, watermark down, R490.00



S-2.700: OTHER AREAS like Zululand, Mafeking, Stellaland, Griqualand, New Republic, etc.

S-2.730 - STELLALAND 1884, SACC 1, 1d red, corner margin, rare, R2900.00


S-2.703 - MAFEKING 1900, SG 13, 6d mint*, rare copy, Certificate David Brendon, R15000.00


S-2.704 - MAFEKING BESIEGED, no. 10, 6d on 2d, fine used, R1150.00


S-2.731 - MAFEKING 1900, SG17 - SACC 17, 1d deep blue, R4500.00


S-2.732 - MAFEKING 1900, SG19 - SACC 22, 3d deep blue, Certificate, R6200.00








S-3.104 - G-SWA 1898, SACC 10, pair of 20 Pf., MNH**, R850.00


S-3.105 - G-SWA 1898, SACC 11, 25 Pf., fine used, R5200.00


S-3.106 - G-SWA 1901, SACC 13 - 25, set of 13 cpl., fine used, R3800.00


S-3.107 - G-SWA 1901, SACC 18, 30 Pf., MH*, 1 short perf., R950.00


S-3.108 - G-SWA 1901, SACC 22 - 25, 4 highest values M1 - M5, fine used, R3700.00


S-3.109 - G-SWA 1906, MI S12, 5+10 Pf.se-tenants,MNH**, R390.00


S-3.110 - G-SWA 1906, SACC 31-32, M1+M2, fine used, R1800.00


S-3.111 - G-SWA 1906, SACC 31, M1, fine used, R650.00


S-3.112 - G-SWA 1906, SACC 33, 3Mark, MNH**, R1120.00


S-3.113 - G-SWA 1897, SACC 1 - 4, 4 stamps fine used, R350.00


S-3.114 - G-SWA 1898, SACC 7 - 10+12, 5 stamps, fine used, R480.00



S-2.300 SOUTH WEST AFRICA 1923 - 1989 + Forerunners 1915-1923


S-3.201 - SWA Postage Dues SG D4a, Error "Wes", 3 d pair of 1923, MNH**, R2500.00


S-3.202 - SWA 1927, SACC 84 + 87, two pairs on piece, fine used, R1100.00


S-3.203 - SWA 1931, SACC 102, hor. pair of 10d air mail, fine used, R800.00



S-3.216 - SWA 1927, no 81-90, cpl. set of 10 pairs, MH*, R5250.00



S-3.217 - SWA 1931, no 103-114, cpl. set of 12 pairs, fine used, R1720.00


S-3.218 - SWA 1931, no 103-114, cpl.set of 12 pairs, MH/MNH */** R2950.00


S-3.219 - SWA 1954, SACC 182-93, set of 12 on FDC, fine used in Walvisbaai, R490.00


S3.229 - SWA 1976, SACC 296, vertical pair with shifted mis-perforation, rare, R500.00





(Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Finland)







S-7.101 - GB 1840, Pair of 1 Penny black, Maltese Cross Cancellation, full margins, attractive copy, R7500.00


S-7.102 - GB 1841, QV 1d, orange-brown, imperforated with full margins, "Ivory head variation", R500.00


S-7.103 - GB 1853, SG16c, QV 1d,red-brown with "Trial with perforation P16", fine used, attractive copy of this rarity,


S-7.104 - GB 1853, SG31, W2, QV1d, rare colour "plum", short perf. R8500.00


S-7.105 - GB, 1854, SG 54, 1Sh on cover to Cape Town (cut to shape), attractive rare cover, R3800.00


S-7.106 - GB 1871, SG43, QV 1d, Plate 145, inscriptional block of 10 stamps, attractive unit, R3950.00

S-7.107 - GB 1878, QV 1/2d bantam pair on cover, plate 11, attractive cover, R1200.00


S-7.108 - GB 1893, SG183, QV Sh10'-, fine used with registered cancellation, Certificate Eichele, R6000.00


S-7.109 - GB 1867/83, QV Sh10'- grey-green, fine used, Tiny thin and short perf. at bottom, R5200.00


S-7.110 - German Propaganda War-Forgery with Stalin-Portrait, used (rare), Michel no 1, R2200.00


S-7.111 - German Propaganda War-Forgery, OP "Liquidation of Empire", Bermuda, rare marginal set of six, 2 1/2d stamp used, R4500.00


S-7.112 - German Propaganda War-Forgery 1944, Michel no 3-8, cpl. attractive corner-marginal set, R5400.00


S-7.113 - GB 1940, QV 1d - colour-trial-Reprint of 1940, not listed in SG, attractive rare item, R1000,00 each


S-7.114 - GB 1929, UPU £1, Mi 174, MLH, R5900.00


S-7.115 - GB 1951, KG VI, £1, block of 6, very fine used, rare, R950.00


S-7.116 - GB 1929, UPU, 1/2 d corner block of 12, MNH**, R420.00








S-7.301 - AUSTRALIA 1913, SG12, 2sh brown in unit of 8, fine used, rare multiple unit, fine used, R6500,00


S-7.302 - HONG KONG, official year pack of 1983, cpl. issues ** on special folders, R650.00


S-7.303 - HONG KONG, small clean collection on pages and stock cards, from Queen Victoria to QE II, R680.00


S-7.304 - HONG KONG, 1962, QE II, cpl. set of 15, used, R300.00


S-7.306 - JAMAICA 1935, KG VI, 1/2d - 10Sh, MH*/4 high values MNH**, R350.00


S-7.305 - SOUTH GEORGIA (FALKLANDS Dep.), QE II cpl. set of 15, fine used, R600.00


S-7.308 - TANGANYIKA 1927, KG V, SG 105-106, 5sh + 10sh, fine used, R720.00



S-500: GERMANY (GERMAN STATES, GERMAN REICH, Federal Republic of Germany, DDR, BERLIN + other)


S-5.102 - BAVARIA 1862, Michel no 3 on entire to Bamberg, attractive item, R900.00


S-5.402 - GERMAN REICH 1938, Rare postcard for the opening of the Volkswagen Factory 16.05.1938, R1800.00


S-5.404 - GERMAN REICH 1939, Registered cover of Nürburgring Car Race, overprinted version, R1800.00



6. EUROPE (All countries A - Z)


S-6.100 - BELGIUM 1951, 50th Anniversary of Aviation, setenant strip, MNH**, R750.00


S-6.101 - POLAND 1919, rare overprint "Levant", Scott 2Kl-12, cpl. rare set of 12, fine mint, R7500.00


S-6.102 - WW1 - Refugee Commitee cover from Moscow to Copenhagen, Feb. 1917, rare item, R450.00


Page under construction! More listings will follow soon



S-800: WORLD

S-8.100: USA

S-8.200: Central and South America

S-8.300: ASIA (A-Z)



S-8.402 - NEW ZEALAND 1858, SG no 8, 1d, orange, imperf, no wm, small margins, fine used, R5900.00

S-8.401 - AUSTRALIA 1913, SG12, 2sh brown in unit of 8, fine used, rare multiple unit, fine used, R6500,00