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H O M E P A G E and latest NEWS from JANSSEN STAMPS:


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 --------------------------------------------------



The next Stamp Fair will be on 7th November 2020.

Please visit us again every first Saturday of the month. The venue is still the Bellville Valley DRC Hall, cnr. Postma & St Andrews Street in Bellville. Opening time is from 9.00h-12.30h.

Just understand that you have to follow the level 2 restriction during the Covid 19 period:

No entrance without face mask! Social distance is required! Hands will be sanitized at the door and temperature will be taken for your own security!

Hope to see you all in the Hall. Our stand is in the left corner next to the stage.


Previous Folder: Philatelic Items & Accessories from Germany

We have now split this previously very large folder into five smaller sub-folder to make your search for accessories easier. All is now shown in the new drop-down folders, which show up, when you click on "Philatelic Items":

1. PHILATELIC ALBUMS for: stock books, binders, pages, sleeves, hinges, glassines and the complete range of HAWID products (strips, sheets, cutters, etc)

2. PHILATELIC ACCESSORIES for philatelic testing instruments, various magnifiers, microscopes, tweezers, etc.

3. PHILATELIC CHEMICALS for rust-remover ERNI, watermark fluid, stamp remover, small trays, etc.

4. PHILATELIC BOOKS for the complete range of our new book series "PHILATELY" and other philatelic books.

5. PHILATELIC CATALOGUES like the SACC, Schmidt RSA catalogues, MICHEL catalogues, FACIT catalogues, as well as some second hand catalogues at very low prices.

For the same reason we have also separated two new folders from the STAMPS section:

Please see the new drop-down folders for:

2. STAMP COLLECTIONS, where you find hundreds of small or large collections of all country and price categories listed, including many special offers and bargains!

3. STAMPS SPECIALS AND RARITIES, where we are offering some highlights of all countries, including some rarities and varieties. This folder is still under construction and will be extended very soon.



For fast and reliable domestic shipment we recommend the courier service PostNet to PostNet which is quite reasonable at R99.00 for max weight of 5 kg, or to your door. (With surcharge.) Please submit your cell number + the name of the nearest PostNet branch in your area.

We can also still ship by Post Office parcel (cheapest way), but depending to your region or country it might take longer than usual. Foreign and overseas shipments by Post Office is still not possible to all countries and can take longer because of the backlog and sometimes limited staff...

We recommend overseas shipment by DHL Courier Service. Shipment costs will be quoted. Thank you.


You are welcome to visit us at our office and small shop in Simon's Town by appointment.


Please have a look at our new CORONA STAMP LABELS below and order your copies:

1 2 3


4 5 6


CORONA / COVID 19 - Stamp-labels, perforated and self-adhesive on foil. (Designed by Volker Janssen)

Set of six:

1. Corona Virus (general),

2. Hand-Sanitizing

3. Social Distance

4. Fave Mask 1

5. Face Mask 2

6. Face Mask 3

Single label: R5.00 each

Set of 6 labels on stock card: R30.00

Full sheet of 40 labels: R180.00 each


This is a strictly NON-PROFIT-Project!

All income from the sales will be donated to a Charity Organization, who is supporting people who are suffering from the COVID 19 situation.