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We offer hundereds of STAMP COLLECTIONS from small beginners & duplicates collections for litte money

to large and professional pre-owned collections with top material:

No time-limit (first order will be successful!), no bids - fixed prices only, no risk to be over-bidden, no auction % surcharges!
More details or basic scans are available on special request.

+ All lots, starting with a "+" have been uploaded only recently.


Collections are listed below in the following 9 categories/lot numbers:



C300. RHODESIAS (North-, South-, BSAC, Nyasaland, Bechuanaland, Basutoland, Swaziland)






C900. Empty pre-printed ALBUMS, FOLDERS, STOCK BOOKS, PAGES, etc. (2nd hand),+ SPECIAL OFFERS!


C100: SOUTH AFRICA (Pre-1910, Union of South Africa, Republic of South Africa, Homelands)


no. C102, Republic of South Africa (RSA) Complete control blocks 1988 - 1993 + miniature sheets on pages in large album with slip case - R420.00

no. C119, Homelands, cylinder blocks & stamps & FDCs, mint and used,lot R200.00

no. C122, Bophuthatswana Homeland, control blocks and sheets, mint** in 32 page black stock book, R250.00

no. C129, RSA, Postcard Collection with hindreds of First Day Postcards 1983 - 1995 in large album, R280.00

no. C134, RSA, small bag of some hundreds of used stamps and MS on paper, only R30.00

no. C136, RSA, SWA +some other countries, duplicate collection, R180.00

no. C139, RSA, ca 120 Flight covers in 2 albums, all different, 1970s - 1990s, some signed (rare), R950.00

no. C150, RSA mixed duplicate material on paper, some better... Large shoe box of 1,5 kg, R450.00

no. C151, UNION and RSA, used duplicate collection in folder, R200.00

no. C152, UNION of SA, War series of the 1940s, both sets cpl. mint + used + marginal adverts set, R1500.00

+ no. C154 UNION / RSA, All 14 Presidents between 1955 and 2020, mint issues on large stock card, R150.00

+ no. C158 UNION OF SA, duplicate material from early to 1950s in large stock book,mixed condition, some rusty, R320.00

+ no. C160 RSA, dealers stock of mint ussues 1960s to 1996 in quantities, few rusty, well sorted in 48 page Lighthouse stock book, far below face value for only R450.00

+ no. C163, UNION OF SA, war sets of 1941 and 1942, both complete in mint and fine used on special, R1200.00

+ no. C166, RSA, SWA & Homelands, 2 large format clean albums (as new) filled with FDCs, R690.00

+ no. C167, SWA + RSA, large format clean album with FDCs, R300.00

+ no. C170, HOMELANDS, extra large clean Album with Homeland's FDCs, R280.00

+ no. C171, RSA, extral large FDC album full of First Day Covers of Republic, R280.00

+ no. C171, UNION of SA/RSA 1910 - 1986, good mint and used collection in large stock book, R680.00

+ no. C172, large FDC album with Union of SA and Republic material, R300.00

+ no. C173, large folder with FDCs, FD cards of Siuthern Africa on self designed pages, interesting, R350.00

+ no. C174, large old messy stock book of Union and Republic SA duplicate material, R290.00

+ no. C176, CISKEI collection with stamps, control blocks and FD Cards in black Lighthouse stock book, R690.00

+ no. C177, Large folder with RSA FDCs, well sorted, R280.00

+ no. C178, Better FDC collection of Union and Republic of South Africa in large cover album, R560.00

+ no. C179, TRANSKEI, First Day Sheet collection in large clean album, seldom offered, R300,00

+ no. C180, Controlblocks of RSA, SWA & Homelands in large folder, R180.00

+ no. C181, BOPHUTHATSWANA FDC, cards, sheets, blocks + specials in a large shoe box, R280.00

+ no. C182, Smaller shoe box of mixed FDCs of South Africa, R100.00

+ no. C184, BOPHUTHATSWANA, album of FDCs and stamps, R180.00

+ no. C186, Union of SA & Republic of SA, Stock book of used material + duplicates, R350.00

+ no. C187, Union of SA & Republic of SA, Stock book of good used material + duplicates, R450.00

+ no. C188, Union of SA & Republic of SA, Stock book of used material + duplicates, R300.00

+ no. C189, Union + RSA Collection, old & new up to mid 1990s, mint and used in large stock book. R420.00

+ no. C190, Union, RSA, SWA & Homelands, nice collection in large clean stock book. R800.00

+ no. C191, Large stock book with some stamps of the Homelands. R180.00

+ no. C192, Homelands control-blocks in large old stock book. R160.00

+ no. C193, Large black pages stock book with stamps and sheets of Homelands. R250.00

+ no. C194, Old stock book with black pages and stamps of Union and RSA. R380.00

+ no. C195, Professional, clean and large collection of First Day Covers of Union, RSA, SWA and all 4 Homelands from 1937 to 1996 in 4 large albums (as new). All in top condition, some specials and rare items included, only R1600.00





no. 900, RSA, SWA and Homelands FIRST DAY COVERS, well sorted mixed bag of 1 KILO with frankings of one or two stamp for only R120.00

no. 901, RSA, SWA and Homelands FIRST DAY COVERS, well sorted mixed bag of 1 KILO with frankings of sets of three, four or more stamps for only R180.00




no. C214, NAMIBIA Collection from 1990 - 2000 SACC 1 - 346 complete, mint **, on pages in padded LINDNER album, R1800.00

no. C215, SWA + NAMIBIA Control Blocks 1984 - 1992 in stock book (few a bit rusty..) only R320.00

+ no. C220, SWA, 23 full sheets of commemorative issues of the 1980s in large folder, bargain at only R120.00

+no. C225, SWA & NAMIBIA, dealer's stock of mint issues from 1970s to 1990s usually between 5 and 10 sets per issue in large 48 page Lighthouse stock book, only few slightly rusty to sort out, bargain at R990.00

+ no. C226, SWA collection of all mint** issues, sheets and booklets from 1963 - 1990 in brandnew stock book, R950.00

+ no. C228, SWA First Day Cover collection in large black Albo folder (as new), R380.00

+ no. C230, Small collection of mint stamps, FDCs, sheets and cards of SWA, R180.00

+ no, C231, Large folder with FDCs of 1990s, SWA/Namibia, RSA, better Homelands isues, R390.00

+ no. C232, SWA & Namibia duplicates in large stock book, R290.00

+ n0. C233, SWA mint & used control blocks, plus some Zambia blocks in large clean stock book, R350.00

+ no. C234, SWA FDC collection from 1960 to early 80s in large clean album, R420.00

+ no. C235, SWA from classic to Namibia 1995 + some Commonwealth, Homelands and other Southern Africa in large clean stock book. R650.00

+ no. C236, SWA collection of mint stamps 1940s - 1980s in large stock book with black pages. R400.00



C300: RHODESIAS (North + South Rhodesia, BSAC, Nyasaland, Bechuanaland, Basutoland, Swaziland, Zimbabwe)

+ no. C315, Z I M B A B W E, excellent collection in brand new stock book of 64 pages, with all complete mint issues and blocks and postage dues of Zim stamps from 1980 to 2005 plus incomplete issues between 2006 and 2015. Catalogue value over R25 000, without R890.00 for the new stock book. Price total: R9900.00 only. (Seldom found and good investment!)

+ no. C318, RHODESIAS, BSAC, North and South-Rhod, + Rhod./Nyasaland collection on pages with some cpl. sets and many better ones, cat. value ca R6000, for R1500.00

+ no. C320, Bechuanaland, small but good collection 1867-1953, mint and used in stock book, R1200.00

+ no. C321, Basutoland, 2 large stock card with better material, R200.00

+ no. C322, Basutoland, Swaziland, Untion SA, 4 cpl. victory sets in pairs, R50.00

+ no. C323, Basutoland & Bechuaaland, duplicate collection with basic material in new stock book, R680.00

+ no. C324, SOUTHERN RHODESIA, nice and clean basic collection of duplicate material 1924-1964, mint and used, in new stock book, R580.00

+ no. 326, SWAZILAND, small collection in new stock book, classic to modern, mint + used, R480.00



no. C403, GB year book of 1987, large hard cover book with cpl. issues of the year, R190.00

no. C425 GB, philatelic cover of 1st Sept. 1936 with 3 stamps of KE VIII, R10.00 (8 avail.)

no. C436, GB, QE II Machins, used duplicate material +varieties, in stock book, R150.00

+no. C439, Brit. Commonwealth, omnibus collection of all coronation stamps of 1937 in album, R220.00

+no. C442, GB and British Post Offices in Tangier, Morocco, Kuwait, Bahrain, India. Mint sets of Olympics 1948, R280.00

+no. C444, GB, Convolute of 40 special covers, cards, etc of KGVI & QEII periods, R400.00

+no. C447, GB duplicate collection KE VIII and KG VI, mostly definitives, used only, R50.00

+no. C448, INDIA and Indian States, good classic material + duplicates, R350.00

+no. C450, GB 1950-1953, 7 special commemorative covers, (no FDCs) KG VI/QE II, R140.00

+no. C452, GB, with some Province stamps QEII in 16p stock book, R50.00

+no. C455, GB, COLLECTORS PACK with mint stamps of 1984, R100.00

+no. C456, SEYCHELLES, rare set of 8 covers of 1977, provisionally canceeled, R800.00

+no. C458, GB, small duplicate collection of King George VI period, R120.00

+no. C459, GB, large cover album with 72 FDCs and 2 Presentation packs, good condition, R650.00

+no. C460, GB, large cover album with 22 FDCs in good condition (rest empty), R280.00

+no. C462, GB album of mostly udes duplicates of QE II period in clean stock book, R250.00

+no. C463, GB & Commonwealth, Omnibus Victory Issues of 1945-46, mint, almost complete in st.book, R380.00

+no. C464, Brit. Commonwealth, very comprehensive Collection of mint sets and sheets of the "ROYAL WEDDING" issues of 1981 in large luxory Lighthouse folder. R1250.00

+no. C465, GB 10 assorted presentation packs of the 1980s, new. R180.00

+no. C466, GB, classic and modern, duplicate collection in large stock book. R680.00


C500: GERMANY (German States, Colonies, First to Third Reich, Fed.Republic, DDR & all other areas)

+ no. C501, GERMANY, GERMAN STATES COLLECTION 185O - 1920, common and better sets and singles of ALL German States (except Bavaria), mixed condition, but many better material, cat. value over R50000, for only R5000.00

+ no. C502, GERMANY, BAVARIA COLLECTION, 1850 - 1920, common and better sets and singles of bavarian stamps with many better ones and early imperforated copies, cat. value over R13000, for only R2600.00

no. C503, GERMANY, collection on pages in old album, Reich, Allied Occ., FRG and DDR, cean material of high catalogue value, R950.00

no. C508, GERMANY, Allied. Occ., FRG, Berlin, DDR, Württemberg, early material 1949 - 1960s, mint and used, many better ones, R1800.00

no. C509, GERMANY, Allied Occupation collection on pages, R500.00

no. C510, GERMANY, Allied Zone + FRG 1945 - 1960, small duplicaze collection in folder, R180.00

no. C512, GERMANY, FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) 1950 - 1990 mostly mint collection with high values, blocks etc, in large stock book R450.00

no. C513, GERMANY, FRG, 1949 - 1964, mint and used material in large stock book, R390.00

no. C524, GERMANY, FRG, 1983 - 1995, mint + used clean collection in good large stock book, R490.00

no. C525, GERMANY, FRG, 1957 - 1975 in blocks of 4, mint collection in large stock book, R680.00

no. C526, GERMANY, FRG, 1975 - 1984 in blocks of 4, mint collection in large stock book, R680.00

no. C527, GERMANY, FRG, 1984 - 1989 in blocks of 4, mint collection in large stock book, R680.00

no. C528, GERMANY, FRG, 1989 - 1992 in blocks of 4, mint collection in large stock book, R680.00

no. C529, GERMANY, FRG, 1992 - 1995 in blocks of 4, mint collection in large stock book, R680.00

no. C531, GERMANY, WEST-BERLIN 1986 - 1990, few rusty only, in large stock book, R280.00

no. C537, GERMANY, DDR 1968 - 1978, vol 1, clean mint collection, almost complete in luxory Lighthouse album, R1200.00

no. C545, GERMANY, FRG, used duplicate collection 1950s - 1980s in fully packed luxory SAFEW stock book in croco design (as new), R400.00

no. C546, GERMANY, PRE-STAMP COLLECTION of 33 rare covers with special postmarks from 1840s - 1860s, plus 5 rareWW2 Fieldpost covers, in black album, R2800.00

no. C549, GERMANY, III.REICH, postal stationery and nazi propaganda postcards in LINDNER album, R1800.00

no. C550, GERMANY, FRG collection 1949 - 1983, mostly used and almost complete with all better issued of the first 10 years, in big pre-printed Lighthouse album, R3500.00

no. C551, GERMANY, WEST BERLIN COLLECTION, 1948 - 1980, mint + used, not complete but good and rare material of the early years, complete sets, blocks, etc, in large pre-printed Lighthouse album R5800.00

no. C554, GERMANY, ca 1.5 kilo of modern Germany stamps and MSs on paper in large bag, only R300.00

no. C555, GERMANY, FRG, duplicate collection 1960 - 1970 **/used, R250.00

no. C557, GERMANY, FRG, mint collection of 1990s in sheets and units ** in stock book, R650.00

no. C563, GERMANY, DDR 1948 - 1964, mint and used duplicates, good early material in 32 p stock book, R850.00

no. C564, GERMANY, DDR 1964 - 1980, mint and used duplicates, good material in 32 p stock book, R480.00

no. C565, GERMANY, FRG, modern FDCs, well sorted common issues (incl. sets of charity, Sport and Christmas stamps) lot of 25 covers R100.00, 50 covers R190, 100 covers R350.00.

no. C567, DDR collection on SAFE album pages 1949 - 1960s, good early material, high cat. value, R800.00

no. C568, GERMANY, FRG, used collection of modern issues in new Lighthouse stock book, R350.00

no. C569, GERMANY, FRG, Lufthansa Aviation special, 67 First Flight Covers, R980.00

no. C570, GERMANY, FRG, Lufthansa Aviation special, 55 First Flight Covers, R790.00

+ no. C571, GERMANY, Large lot of duplicates of German Reich, Occupation period, Berlin, DDR, unchecked, R280.00

+ no. C572, GERMANY, Allied Occupation 1945, AM-Post stamps, variations in perf. + printing, 26 envelopes, R250.00

+ no. C573, GERMANY, Federal Republic, Year Books of Stamps, issued by Deutsche Bundespost. A5 format books with

all issues of the year, with details and history. Available years: 1976 - 1997. Price: R300 per book.

+ no. C574. GERMANY, Federal Republic, Special year-collections of sheets in luxoury hardcover book with slipcase,

all complete stamps with first day cancellation, years 1991 - 1997, limited edition, R500 per book

+ no. C575, GERMANY, Federal Republic, complete First Day Sheets collection 1981 - 1990 with many specials editions,

large collection in huge box, R999.00 (SPECIAL OFFER!)

+ no. C576, GERMANY, Federal Republic, 6 large folders with First Day Sheets 1970's and 80's, only R80.00 per folder (bargain!) R480.00

+ no. C578, DDR, 1949 - 1960, collection in large SAFE album, fine used, many better ones, R980.00

+ no. C580, DDR, 1950s - 1980s in stock book, mint and used + blocks, good condition, R280.00

+ no. C581, Fed. Rep. of Germany, 1950s - 1980s, duplicates stock book of used stamps, well sorted, R300.00



C600: EUROPE (All other European countries)

no. C616, ITALY, 1972 - 1981 in large SAFE album, top collection, all mint ** and almost complete, R580.00

no. C623, SCANDINAVIA, several duplicate collections of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and a stock book full of Sweden only, comvolute price R450.00

no. C627, SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES + France and Switzerland, clean collection on pages, R350.00

no. C628, EUROPE issues, Early CEPT on pages in top condition, some rare ones, R850.00

no. C630, EASTERN EUROPE COLLECTION, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, etc in large black stock book, good clean material, mint and used, R800.00

no. C632, CSSR, Modern issues only with complete sets from subscription, 1970s and 1980s, R480.00

no. C637, NETHERLANDS Collection, 1850s - 1980s, neatly written up on pages in folder, very complete with many better ones, R1800.00

no. C645, GREENLAND, Yearbook of new stamp issues 1995, complete, R150.00

+ no. C651, POLAND, small, but nice collection of classic material only in new LINDNER stock book, R450.00

+ no. C652, SCANDINAVIA, (DK - N - S - IS) small duplicate collection in new LINDNER stock book, R480.00

+ no. C653, SWITZERLAND, classic definitive series on album pages, R300.00

+ no. C656, RUSSIA / SOVIET UNION 1960 - 1980s, mint and used issues, sets and MS's in top condition in nice PRINZ ring binder with black pages, R700.00

+ no. C658, IRELAND, commemorative mint stamps of Ireland with issues of 1980s to 2004 in large new Lighthouse stock book, also some sheets and booklets. Seldom offered and real bargain ar R980.00

+ no. C659, IRELAND, the rare 8 large "Millenium Sheets" of 1999, mint condition, R800.00

+ no. C660. IRELAND, the year pack of 2007 with complete issues, plus some additional pages of mint stamps. R1300.00

+ no. C661, IRELAND, the 5 definitive sets if Ireland 1982 - 2002 (£ and € periods) complete mint with all high values, on large stock cards, R2000.00

+ no. C664, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN AND PORTUGAL & Colonies, old collection in stock book, R400.00

+ no. C665, EUROPE collection in stock book, most countries.. R200.00

+ no. C666, EUROPE collection in small stock book, mostly Swiss, Austrian and other countries.. R160.00

+ no. C668, SWITZERLAND, year book with all issues of 1999, complete, as new, R480.00

+ no. C669, SWITZERLAND, year book with all issues of 2007, complete, as new, R480.00

+ no. C670, SWITZERLAND, year book with all issues of 2007, complete, as new, R480.00

+ no. C671, GB, GERMANY, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and others, old and new in large clean stock book. R580.00

+ no. C672, EUROPE collection, France, Ireland, Scandinavia, Greece and Eastern Europe in clean large stock book. R650.00

+ no. C673, SWITZERLAND collection from classic to modern, many better sets, only used. R650.00

+ no. C674, SWITZERLAND collection, mostly modern issues mint + used, many better sets. R850.00




C700: WORLD (All other countries, WORLDWIDE)

no. C706, AUSTRALIA, year pack 2014, hard cover with slip case with complete issues, R450.00

no. C707, NEW ZEALAND, year pack of 2014 in collector's folder, complete issues, R350.00

no. C708, CANADA, 2 books of souvenir collections of Canadian stamps of the years 1983 and 1984 in original boxes, R200.00

no. C709, FUJEIRA - EMIRATE, early and comprehensive collection on 23 pages with cpl. sets, seldom found, good thematic material, R300.00

+ no. C738, CENTRAL AMERICA (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hondural, El Salvador and Panama) collection of classic stamps of these countriesin stock book, R320.00

+ no. C749, USA, classic collection with lot of better material from 1851 - 1908 in folder, R4800.00

+ no. C752, World collection in large clean folder, mostly Asia, USA,and more, only R290.00

+ no. C753, World collection in large stock book, South America, Asia, India and more, R200.00

+ no. C763, Brasil, small stock book with mint issures of 1980s, R100.00



no. C801, ACTORS & MOVIES, large collection on 64black plastic pages in folder, with stamps, blocks, sheets, minisheets, covers and more. Partly written up and well sorted per name and country. Excellent material in top condition, R2500.00

no. C802, AIR PLANES & AVIATION, Collection with ca 350 stamps in stock book R950.00

no. C804, ART & NUDITY, Collection with ca 550 stamps in folder on black pages R1950.00

no. C807, FOOTBALL / SOCCER, Collection of 1000+ stamps, sorted in all coutries from A - Z. R2950.00

no. C808, MUSIC, Collection of ca 330 stamps in stock book, R950.00

no. C810, OLYMPICS AND SPORT, Collection of ca 400 stamps in stock book R1200.00

no. C811, SPACE, Collection of ca 700 stamps in big stock book R2500.00

no. C813, TRIANGLE STAMPS, Collection of ca 330 stamps in stock book R950.00

no. C814, ROYAL WEDDING 1981, luxory Stanley Gibbons album with the ultimate complete collection of all GB and Commonwealth issues, blocks, sheets, etc, mint **, R900.00

no. C815, FEMALE NUDITY on stamps and art (paintings) in clean black stock book, R380.00

no. C816, Thematic historic collection "INVENTIONS" (any kind of technical and other), with worldwide stamps and covers, neatly written up on 60 pages in 2 large folders, R980.00

no. C817, "NUDITY IN ART" Thematic collection of paintings by Gauguin, Degas, Modigliani and Picasso. Specialized andbeautiful collection written up on 60 black pages in luxory PRINZ folder, R1200.00

no. C818, FAMOUS PEOPLE in History, Politics and Culture A - Z on ca 100 black pages in folder, R980.00

no. C819, Various Thematic subjects on stamps, in large stock book R350.00

no. C820, POPES, large written up and seldom found collection in big folder on black pages, R2200.00

no. C821, BIRDS & CATS + some world stamps in clean stock book with black pages, R400.00

no. C822, 74 special covers of SOCCER, international championships in album. RARE! R700.00

+ no. C823, large Folder with thematic issues about ART on pages plus spares, R200.00

+ no. C825, Selection od Cinderellas, air mail stickers and more, on large stock card, R20.00

+ no. C827, Very big folder with special and complete collection of worldwide covers for: "The American Revolution Bicentennial". Seldom offered special subject in top condition, R1800.00

+ no. C829, SOCCER WORLDCUP GERMANY 1974, Complete special collection in large luxory folder with worldwide stamps, sheets and covers + some rarities and a collection of original star autographs, in excellent condition, R2500.00

+ no. C830, SOCCER WORLDCUP GERMANY 2006, Complete collection in large luxory folder with worldwide stamps, sheets and covers + some autographs, in brandnew condition, R1800.00



C900: EMPTY pre-printed country albums, ring-folders, stock books, pages, etc. (New and second Hand)


no. C901, RSA, SWA and Homelands FIRST DAY COVERS, well sorted, with one or two stamps on cover, large mixed packet of 1 KILO (more than 100 covers!) for only R120.00

no. C902, RSA, SWA and Homelands FIRST DAY COVERS, well sorted, with three, four or more stamps on one cover, large mixed packet of 1 KILO (more than 100 covers!) for only R180.00

+no. C903, Cover Albums for 100 covers/FDCs, used, but good clean condition, only R80.00 each (8 available.)

+no. C903a, Cover Albums, large pages for covers/FDCs, good clean used condition, only R180.00 (3 available).

+no. C904, Lighthouse Folders, 4-ring solid empty binders in A4-size, red, new, only R400.00 each (12 avail.)

+no. C905, Exeter Albums by Stanley Gibbons no 383, new in orig. box, with 50 strong white pages, R350.00

+no. C906, 16 strong blue folders by Stanley Gibbons, 22 rings, new, with pages of Brit. Commonwealth from A to Z from 1952-1979 (empty mounts, - no stamps), + 1 x empty folder, only R250 each on special.

+no. C907, 3 Plymouth albums in strong slip cases for GB and Commonwealth, written pages, no stamps, R450.00

+no. C908, LINDNER, Pre-printed hingeless album of West-Berlin in 2 large folders, 1948 - 1990 cpl- as new, R950.00

+no. C909, Lighthouse, pre-printed pages cpl. set 19484-1990 of West Berlin, new, no folder, R600.00

+no. C910, SAFE, 2 large Albums with pre-printed of DDR (East Germany), 1949 - 1968, new, R780.00

+no. C911, Lighthouse Album with pre-prited hingeless pages of German Reich + Memel 1872-1945, as new, R780.00

+no. C912, SAFE Album with pre-prited hingeless pages of German Reich 1933-1945, as new, R500.00

+no. C914, LINDNER, Germany, Allied Occupation 1945-1950, pages only, new, R100.00

+no. C915, LINDNER, large red folders with strong slipcase and black plastic pages for stamps and covers, new, R650.00

+no. C916, LINDNER, same as above, but empty, R450.00

+no. C917, LINDNER, luxory large 4-ring-folder with 55 black pages for stamps and covers, as new, R650.00

+no. C918, SAFE, set of pre-printed album-pages of West-Berlin, 1962-1990, hingeless, new, R450.00

+no. C919, Box of Stock cards (80 x large A5 and 25 small) used, but good condition, cardboard, R200.00