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H O M E P A G E and latest NEWS spring 2024:

Dear Clients, welcome to the website of JANSSEN STAMPS.

Please take your time to go for a browse through all or various pages, enjoy the pictures of stamps, accessories and our museum pages and check what you might be of interest for you. If you might have any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

Unfortunately we had to change our prices for all imported items from Germany. This is caused by inflation in Europe, by price changes of our German suppliers, as well as higher freight costs and last not least by the current higher exchange rate of EURO to Rand. Our own calculation has and will not be changed. We ask for your kind understanding. Thank you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If you have placed an order with us, please make sure that you only pay to our NEDBANK account with correct account number, as shown on the invoice with proof of payment to us by email. This will avoid any cases of fraud by phishing! We will never ask you to pay to another suspiciouis account by email for payment!


The next Stamp Fair will take place on Saturday, 3th August 2024.

Please visit us at the Fair every first Saturday of the month, or as announced otherwise by the management. The venue is still at the Bellville Valley DRC Hall, cnr. Postma & St Andrews Street in Bellville. Opening time is from 9.00h - 12.30h.
Hope to see you all in the Hall. Our stand is in the left corner next to the stage.
In case you are not coming to the Stamp Fair and need any stamps, accessories or other items as listed on our website, you are welcome to order by email for quick shipment by PostNet.

You can also visit our office and stock room in Simon's Town by appointment.


We have recently uploaded more than 100 additional better stamp collections from a large estate with good material of all areas. Please browse and have a good look, if you might find something of your special interest. Thank you.


Previous Folder: Philatelic Items & Accessories from Germany

We have now split this previously very large folder into five smaller sub-folder to make your search for accessories easier. All is now shown in the new drop-down folders, which show up, when you click on "Philatelic Items":

1. PHILATELIC ALBUMS for: stock books, binders, pages, sleeves, hinges, glassines and the complete range of HAWID products (strips, sheets, cutters, etc)

2. PHILATELIC ACCESSORIES for philatelic testing instruments, various magnifiers, microscopes, tweezers, etc.

3. PHILATELIC CHEMICALS for watermark fluid, stamp remover, small trays, etc.

4. PHILATELIC BOOKS for the complete range of our new book series "PHILATELY" and other philatelic books.

5. PHILATELIC CATALOGUES like the SACC, Schmidt RSA catalogues, MICHEL catalogues, FACIT catalogues, as well as some second hand catalogues at very low prices.

For the same reason we have also separated two new folders from the STAMPS section:

Please see the new drop-down folders for:

2. STAMP COLLECTIONS, where you find hundreds of small or large collections of all country and price categories listed, including many special offers and bargains!

3. STAMPS SPECIALS AND RARITIES, where we are offering some highlights from our stock of all countries, including some rarities and varieties. This folder is still under construction and will be permanently extended and updated. All these items come with pictures to illustrate the lots and give you a better idea.

Please scroll down this page for more iteresting information.......


New stock available:

REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, all earlier and modern issues available (1961 - 2024).
HOMELANDS up to 1994, also on rare genuine used covers!
German SWA and SWA. Also many on piece, sorted after postmarks of places from A - Z.
SWA Forerunners on Kingshead issues, mostly on piece and of various Post Offices with cancellations in alphabetic order from A to Z.
SWA Kingshead issues with all variations of overprints of the early 1920s.

Modern NAMIBIA, from 1990 up to 2024.

Commonwealth most countries modern issues (mint) from the 1970s to the early 1990s.

RHODESIAS (Northern, Southern, PostFederation, BSAC, BCA, Nyasaland, Rhodesia & Nyasaland) 
and modern ZIMBABWE ca up to 2015 available from stock.
SWITZERLAND before 1970, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tonga, Hong Kong, Peru, Greece and many more...
are listed in £ and STAMPS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA are priced in RAND. You can easy convert the price into
any other currency by XE. See link on each of the stamp pages.

Please note that many of the stamps, as shown under "STAMPS BY COUNTRY" are just samples of our stock, but will still be available, only sometimes with a different, but similar cancellation.



For fast and reliable domestic shipment we recommend the courier service PostNet to PostNet for all online orders from our website by email, which is still quite reasonable at now R109.00 for max weight of 5 kg, or to your door. (With surcharge on request.) Please submit your cell number + the name of the nearest PostNet branch in your area.

All foreign orders will be shipped by DHL international courier to your door. Fees can be quoted and will be charged at net costs.



Below you will find our new stamp designs to support the people of the UKRAINE in their struggle with the war in their country, as well as all refugees.

Please order your own copies and use them as a sign of solidarity.

They are no postage stamps, but can be collected and used elsewhere.


1. 2. 3.

Ukraine 1, Ukraine 2 and Ukraine 3 are self adhesive stamp-labels in rectangle size of 32 x 38 mm.
They have been designed in South Africa by Volker Janssen.
The price is R10.00 per stamp-label or R400.00 for a full sheet of 40.
The income from all sales of the above stamp labels will be donated to the international Solidarity Fund of UNHCR.


The other war between ISRAEL and the HAMAS in Gaza/Palestine in the Middle East since October 2023.

Most people in South Africa and the rest of the world have sympathies for the Palestinian People, living in the small Gaza strip, and suffering with no food, water or medication and no safe place to hide from permanent attacks of the Israelian Forces.

Stamp, 38 x 23 mm, gummed +perforated, R3.00 each, or R150.00 for a full sheet of 60.

The income from all sales of the above stamp labels will be donated to the international Solidarity Fund of UNHCR.