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Please click one of the country categories.

Each folder contains a selection from our stock of stamps of the countries we are specialized in. In case you do not find the stamps you are looking for, please contact us or send your want list and we will send a personal offer to you by email of what we have available.

If you find a stamp not in the condition you are looking for, please contact us as well for more offers or quotes with scans. Many stamps we stock in various conditions and qualities or with different postmarks, priced always according to condition and rarity.

Due to the weakness of the South African Rand and the necessary price changes in the last few years we do not publish some of our prices in Rand anymore, but only in the more stable currencies EURO and GB £. This can easy be converted to the current exchange rate by using the currency converter on top of each page with stamps. All prices on this website are subject to change without notice, due to the exchange rate, prices of our suppliers and due to limited availability of some stamps. Our general lowest possible calculation of our stamp prices, due to the catalogue and market value will remain the same as always. Stamps purchased from our website listing can be returned and fully credited within 10 days, in case you are not happy.

South African stamps are always numbered and priced after the latest SACC, Stanley Gibbons, or Michel Stamp Catalogues which are available from us as well. (See section for Stamp Catalogues).You can also ask for same stamps with numbers of other common catalogues (Scott, Facit, Zumstein, Yvert-Tellier..) and we will convert our offer for you.

Currently we are uploading more material for each country and the stamps site is still under construction. Only the countries in bold letters are showing our basic offers. Please check again for more uploads frequently. Stamps of all other countries, including some which are not listed, might be available as well. Please do not hesitate to ask for anything you are interested in.

The CONDITION of all stamps on this website are marked with the following common symbols or abbreviations:

Mint never hinged (MNH) or ** / Mint light hinged (MLH) and Mint hinged (MH) or * / Unused (no gum) or (*) / Very fine used / Fine used / or O for nomal used only.

In case you have stamps or a collection for sale please be so kind to contact us by email and scan or describe them as detailed as possible. Please also check our info page about valuations below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can also make arrangements to visit you for a valuation, or you can visit our office in Simon's Town after making an appointment by phone or email.

For details please visit our info page below about VALUATIONS and/or SELLING your stamp collection.

Thank you.

Volker Janssen



New stock available:



REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, all modern issues (1994 - 2020).

HOMELANDS up to 1994, also on rare genuine used covers!

German SWA and SWA. Also many on piece, sorted after postmarks of places from A - Z.

Also SWA Forerunners on Kingshead issues, mostly on piece and of various Post Offices in alphabetic order A - Z.

SWA Kingshead issues with all variations of overprints of the early 1920s.

Modern NAMIBIA, from 1990 up to 2020.

RHODESIAS (Northern, Southern, PostFederation, BSAC, BCA, Nyasaland, Rhodesia & Nyasaland) and modern ZIMBABWE ca up to 2015

SWITZERLAND before 1970, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tonga, Hong Kong, Peru, Greece and many more...